HAPPY E-STICKER 提供正版授權卡通姓名貼紙及洗水燙貼/洗水嘜。學童可輕易地為自己的書包、課本和文具貼姓防水、防刮的姓名貼紙,亦可為衣服鞋襪燙上姓名,不怕遺失。所有授權卡通貼紙在出售時均附授權商提供的包裝袋及授權貼紙以示正貨。

HAPPY E-STICKER provides popular cartoon name stickers and washable name tags to Hong Kong pupils. The stickers are water proof and free from scratch. Children can use it to personalize their belongings like school bags, textbooks and stationery. Parents can even use iron the washable name tags on any clothing items so that pupils will not lose them.

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